How does the diversity of natural resources of a region affect the development and geography of its economy?

The development of oil fields in the Cis-Urals and gas fields near Orenburg created the basis for the development of the chemistry of organic synthesis in the South and Middle Urals. The energy problems of the region are solved at the expense of thermal power plants. The presence in the mountainous Ural part of the region of ore raw materials – ores of iron, copper, lead and zinc, nickel and titanium and many other metals – made it possible for the development of non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy and mechanical engineering. The depletion of the ore base of metallurgy is compensated by imported raw materials from Kazakhstan. The presence of forest resources in the Middle and Northern Urals gave rise to the development of the timber and woodworking, pulp and paper and wood chemical industries. Availability of deposits of asbestos, cement raw materials; marble – building materials industry, etc.

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