How many liters of nitrogen and oxygen will it take to obtain 400 liters? nitric oxide (V)?

First, let’s write down the chemical reaction:
2N2 + 5O2 = 2N2O5
Let’s calculate the amount of nitric oxide if its volume is known. n = V / Vm, where n is the amount of gas, V is the volume of this gas, Vm is the molar volume (= 22.4 l / mol). n = 17.85 mol
Based on the reaction equation, n (N2) = n (N2O5) = 17.85 mol, and n (O2) = 2.5n (N2O5) = 44.6 mol. Let’s find the volume of reagents according to the formula V = nVm, then V (N2) = 400l, V (O2) = 1000l
Also, the problem could be solved directly through the volume, since Vm is constant for all gases.

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