How much energy will be released during the condensation of 100 grams of ether vapor taken at 35 degrees?

The amount of energy released during condensation of ether vapor can be calculated by the formula (the boiling point of ether is 35 ºС, therefore additional cooling of ether vapor is not required):

Q = L * m, where m is the mass of ether vapor (m = 100 g = 0.1 kg), L is the specific heat of vaporization of ether (L = 0.4 * 10 ^ 6 J / kg).

Let’s calculate the released amount of energy:

Q = L * m = 0.4 * 10 ^ 6 * 0.1 = 40,000 J = 40 kJ.

Answer: At condensation of ether vapors, 40 kJ of energy will be released.

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