How much will the internal energy of nitrogen with a mass of 14 kg increase with an increase in its temperature by 20K?

m = 14 kilograms is the mass of nitrogen;
dt = 20 ° on the Kelvin scale – the value by which the nitrogen temperature increased;
c = 1040 J / (kg * C) – specific heat capacity of nitrogen.
It is required to determine Q (Joule) – how much the internal energy of nitrogen will increase when its temperature rises.
Since the problem statement is not specified, we believe that there was no energy loss. Then, to determine the change in internal energy, you must use the following formula:
Q = c * m * dt = 1040 * 14 * 20 = 14560 * 20 = 291200 Joules = 291.2 kJ.
Answer: as the temperature rises, the internal energy of nitrogen will increase by 291.2 kJ.

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