How much will the spring be lengthened, on which the force 4 H acts, if its cruelty is k = 40 H / m.


F = 4 Newton – the force that acts on the spring;

k = 40 Newton / meter – spring stiffness.

It is required to determine dx (meter) – how much the spring will elongate under the influence of the force F.

According to Hooke’s law, we find the amount of elongation of the spring by the formula:

F = dx * k, from here we find:

dx = F / k = 4/40 = 1/10 = 0.1 meter (10 centimeters).

Answer: under the action of a force of 4 Newton, the spring will lengthen by an amount equal to 0.1 meter (10 centimeters).

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