How to prevent over-mining?

In order to reduce the extraction of minerals, it is necessary to take a number of measures both for each person personally and at the state level. If we talk about each specific person, then it is necessary to think about the reasonable consumption of goods. For example, stop using disposable items. Plastic dishes, toys, bags are made of oil. If a person instead of bags will use cloth bags, then this will save a whole bunch of these bags a year. It is no secret that the bags are used very little, somewhere around 20 minutes, and they will decompose in a landfill for at least four hundred years. But in order to produce a package, it is necessary to extract oil, process it, bring it to various cities and countries …
At the state level, it is necessary to issue a law on the separate collection of household waste. Now we throw everything into a landfill, and how much glass, paper, plastic there is! If all this is divided into fractions, then you get not garbage, but valuable raw materials. Instead of digging new quarries, laying pipes, destroying ecosystems, you can simply use secondary raw materials. In addition, landfills take up a lot of space. This is especially noticeable in large cities. European countries already have experience in recycling waste. I think this also needs to be done in our country.

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