How was the administration of England organized in the late 17th and first half of the 18th century?

By this time, a constitutional monarchy had been established in England. This largely corresponded to the spirit of the times and the mood in society. The role of the so-called “Bill of Rights” is also important. Parliament was the highest legislative and judicial body of the state. This state body had 2 chambers. The upper house consisted of the nobility and the higher clergy. Seats in the House of Lords were not awarded on an election basis. The lower house was elected and consisted of representatives of counties and cities. The upper house could easily block the adoption of any decrees and laws of the House of Commons by vetoing. The king could also block any decisions of the lower house. Such a device is favorably distinguished by the fact that it was possible to get into the upper chamber for special services to the state. But it remained an instrument of control in the hands of the aristocracy.

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