How will a body with a mass of 8kg move under the influence of a constant force equal to 4n?

m = 8 kg.

F = 4 N.

a -?

According to Newton’s 2 law, the acceleration of a body a is directly proportional to the force F, which acts on the bodies, and inversely proportional to the mass of the body m: a = F / m.

This means that by how many times the force F, which acts on the body, will increase the body’s acceleration a. How many times the force decreases, so many times the acceleration decreases.

The number of times the body mass m is increased, the number of times the acceleration of the body a decreases. How many times the body weight is reduced, the acceleration of the body will increase.

a = 4 N / 8 kg = 0.5 m / s2.

Answer: the body will move uniformly accelerated with a constant acceleration a = 0.5 m / s2.

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