How will the value of the quotient change if the divisor is increased 4 times?

Consider a simple operation of dividing one number by another:

The number to be divided is called the dividend, the number by which it is divided is called the divisor.

As a result of division, a number is obtained, which is called the quotient. So, the quotient is the result of dividing the dividend by the divisor.

According to the condition of the problem, if the divisor increases by 4 times, the quotient will accordingly decrease by 4 times, since the dividend must be divided by the divisor and then further divided by 4.

Let us prove by the formula, denoting m – dividend, n – divisor, k – quotient.

m / n = k;

m / (n * 4) = (m / n) / 4 = k / 4.

Example: 200/5 = 40; 200 / (5 * 4) = 200/20 = 10;

Answer: When the divisor is increased by 4 times, the quotient value will decrease by 4 times.

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