If, when fully immersed in water, a buoyant force of 16 N acts on the body, then the volume of the body is equal to ..


F = 16 Newton – the magnitude of the buoyancy force acting on the body when fully immersed in water;

ro = 1000 kg / m3 (kilogram per cubic meter) – water density;

g = 9.8 N / kg (Newton per kilogram) is the acceleration of gravity.

It is required to determine V (m3) – body volume.

Since, according to the condition of the problem, the body was completely immersed in water, then in order to determine the volume, it is necessary to use the following formula:

F = ro * g * V, from here we find that:

V = F / (ro * g) = 16 / (1000 * 9.8) = 16/9800 = 0.0016 m3 (the result has been rounded to one ten-thousandth).

Answer: the volume of the body is 0.0016 m3.

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