Imagine how the location of the continents will change in the distant future?

Antarctica will remain where it was, but it may turn slightly clockwise. The Indian and Atlantic Oceans (especially the South Atlantic) will continue to grow in size at the expense of the Pacific Ocean.
Australia will move to the north and come close to the Eurasian plate.
On the east coast of Africa, a part of the continental massif will separate, and the drift of this continent to the north will lead to the closure of the Bay of Biscay and the actual destruction of the Mediterranean basin.
In the Caribbean, compression will cause the crust to rise and land to form. The California Peninsula and the California coastline west of the San Andreas Fault will be separated from North America and drift northwestward. After about 10 million years, Los Angeles will be on the same latitude as San Francisco. After 60 million years, Los Angeles will begin to plunge into the Aleutian Trench.

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