In an isosceles triangle, the height drawn to the base = 7cm, and the side height is 14cm. Find the largest angle of the triangle.

1. Let us denote the vertices of the triangle by symbols A, B, C.
2. The VN leg, which is half the length of the VS hypotenuse (14: 7 = 2 cm), is opposite the VSN angle equal to 30 °.
3. Angle BAC = angle ACB = 30 °, since the angles at the base of an isosceles triangle are equal.
4. We calculate the degree measure of the angle ABC, applying the formula for calculating the sum of internal angles
triangle: ∠А + ∠В + ∠С = 180 °.
Angle ABC = 180 ° – 30 ° – 30 ° = 120 °.
Answer: the largest angle ABC of all the angles of the triangle is 120 °.

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