In triangle ABC, angle A = 56 degrees, angle B = 19 degrees. What is the angle ACO formed by the bisector of angle C?

In this task, we find the degree measure of the angle formed by the bisector;

To do this, let’s remember what a bisector is;

A bisector is a straight line that bisects an angle;

Therefore, the angle ACO will be equal to half of the angle C, so it is necessary to find this angle;

For this we recall one of the properties of the triangle, namely the property of the angles of the triangle;

In any triangle, the sum of all angles is the same and equal to 180 °;

So you can write the equation for the angle C;

C = 180 – A – B;

Let’s substitute the data;

C = 180 – 56 – 19 = 105 °;

This means the angle of the AOC;

AOC = C / 2 = 105/2 = 52.5 °.

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