In what zone of illumination lies almost all of Africa?

Illumination belts are the basis of natural and climatic zoning. Scientists have divided them into three types: hot, moderate and cold.

Africa is located in a hot zone of illumination. This is due to such phenomena as the length of the day and night. On this continent, they are practically equal.

Most of the territory of Africa is located in the hottest zone of illumination that only exists on planet Earth – the southern one, since almost all of Africa is located along the equator, with the exception of the most northern regions. But, despite the fact that formally North Africa is not included in this belt, it will be very difficult for an ordinary person to notice this difference, only special devices can distinguish it.

In conclusion, I can say that the difference in light illumination affects skin color and even a person’s well-being. Therefore, if you are going to move to a different light belt, then be sure to consult a good doctor.

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