In which part of the solar system do most of the asteroids move? What is the structure of a comet?

1. In which part of the solar system do most of the asteroids move? 2. What is the structure of a comet? What does its core consist of? 3. How does the appearance of a comet change during its orbit? 4. What is a meteor; meteorite?

1. Most of the asteroids move between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.
2. The main component of any comet is its nucleus. The cometary nucleus is a block of ice, consisting of a mixture of frozen water and frozen gases with rocky and metallic particles. The tail of a comet consists of molecules (ions) of gases and dust particles escaping from the nucleus under the action of sunlight; the length of the tail can reach tens of millions of kilometers.
3. As the comet approaches the Sun, the core heats up and its substances begin to evaporate. A shell of gas forms around the core, and then a long tail appears. As the comet moves away from the Sun, its tail and gas envelope gradually disappear.
4. Meteorites are space bodies that have fallen to the Earth.
A meteor is a phenomenon that occurs when small meteorite bodies burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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