Indicate the state of aggregation of the proposed substances of substances: HCl, P4, O2, NH3, N2, MgBr2, F2, I2.

I note right away that on the Internet, some authors make the mistake of defining MgBr2 as a liquid. In fact, it is a solid. Well, with the rest of the listed chemicals, everything is simple. And here is the specific answer to this question.

1. HCl is liquid. But it is mainly found in the form of a solution with a concentration of no higher than 36%.

2. P4 is phosphorus and solid.

3. O2 is oxygen and gas under normal conditions.

4. NH3 – (ammonia) – gas.

5. N2 – (nitrogen) – gas.

6. MgBr2 – solid.

7.F2 – gas.

8. I2 – solid.

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