Internal structure of the Grape snail.

The digestive system starts from the mouth and mouth. Next comes the pharynx, which contains the tongue, thickening of the cuticle with teeth, and one pair of salivary glands.

Further, the esophagus, passing into the goiter, and then into the initial part of the intestine (stomach), which is surrounded by the liver. Further, the middle intestine, which ends with powder.

The respiratory system is a lung with numerous blood vessels through which breathing takes place.

The circulatory system consists of the left atrium and the ventricle, from which the aorta departs. It has two branches. One goes to the front of the body, the other to the stomach and intestines.

Since snails are hermaphrodites, they contain both male and female genital organs (next to the head).

The nervous system consists of the periopharyngeal ganglia and peripheral nerves. The excretory system consists of one kidney.

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