List the reasons for the weakening of the Napoleonic empire.

1. The constant waging of wars, which required huge funds, which was repaid mainly at the expense of the occupied countries. As a result, the discontent of the local population with such penalties constantly grew, and as the culmination of the Spanish uprising.
2. The introduction of the continental blockade of 1806, which freed up additional sales markets for expensive French goods, at the same time aggravated the position of the economies of the countries that had lost to France.
3. The defeat of the French at the Battle of Baylen in the Spanish military campaign, which seriously undermined the authority of the power of the French army.
4. The formation and constant action of opposition to Napoleon within France itself, which was led by the old royalists, supervised from England, as well as a series of French high officials and politicians, such as Talleyrand and Foucher, who intrigued against the French emperor.
5. Diplomatic blunders of the empire, as a result of which the Ottoman Empire, the Swedish kingdom, and in the end the Russian Empire did not become allies of Napoleon.

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