Make the Equation methane-nitromethane-methylamine = chloromethyl homonium / nitrogen

Let us write down the reaction equations for organic substances:
CH4 + HO – NO2 = CH3 – NO2 + H2O – methane nitration reaction;
CH3NO2 + 3H2 = CH3NH2 + 2H2O – reduction of nitromethane with hydrogen, methylamine is formed;
CH3NH2 + HCl = {CH3NH3} Cl – methylamine exhibits base properties and reacts with hydrochloric acid, a salt is released – methyl ammonium chloride;
{CH3 – NH3} Cl + H2O = CH3 – NH2 + HCl – hydrolysis, methylamine is formed;
9СН3NH2 + 9O2 = 4CO2 + 2N2 + 10H2O – oxidation of methylamine, nitrogen is released.
The given reaction equations show the relationship of organic and inorganic substances, as well as alkanes with amines. Methylaine is of practical importance as an accelerator of rubber vulcanization.

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