Make up the structural formula: a) 1,2-diethylbenzene b) propane c) 1-amino 2-methylbutane d) ethyl alcohol

In this task, you will need to write down structural formulas for the following compounds. It turns out the following.

C6H4 (C2H5) 2.

This formula has a benzene ring in its structure, as well as two ethyl groups.

CH3 – CH2 – CH3.

This compound belongs to the class of alkanes. Consists of 3 carbon atoms. Has the name propane.

CH3 – CH2 – CH (CH3) – CH2 – NH2.

This compound belongs to the class of amino derivatives. It contains single bonds and is called 1 – amino – 2 – methylbutane.

d) CH3 – CH2 – OH.

The compound belongs to a class of alcohols and is called ethanol.

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