Name a three-digit number, when dividing tens and units of which by 2, the equality 8: 2 = 4 is applied.

For the convenience of reading, memorizing and writing, each digit in the number has its own place. Digits in a number are divided into so-called classes: three digits are separated on the right (first class), then three more (second class), etc. Each of the digits of the class is called its place. The digits are counted from right to left, starting from the first digit – units, the second digit – tens, the third digit – hundreds, the fourth digit – a few thousand, etc.
Then, in order to apply the equality 8: 2 = 4 when dividing tens and units of a number by 2, the number of tens and units must be 8. Then the given three-digit number can be written as:
188; 288; 388; 488; 588; 688; 788; 888; 988

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