Napoleon and Kutuzov were at the head of huge multinational armies.

Napoleon and Kutuzov were at the head of huge multinational armies. Can one and the other be called the sons of their homeland, people’s commanders?

Kutuzov can be called a people’s commander. He always tried to save the lives of his soldiers, tried to win victory with little blood. He believed that it is better in some cases to resort to defense and even to retreat in order to save the lives of the soldiers. Kutuzov thereby won the trust and love of his soldiers. So the commander-in-chief Kutuzov in the battle of Borodino, in order to preserve his soldiers, decided to give Moscow and retreat. But Napoleon did differently with his army. When Napoleon entered Moscow, a fire broke out and the capital
burned down. Napoleon had to leave the city. Near the town of Maloyaroslavets, Kutuzov defeated the French army. The remnants of Napoleonic troops moved west. The soldiers were exhausted, hungry and freezing from the cold. Napoleon threw his troops to certain death. The French emperor cannot be called a people’s commander, he betrayed and abandoned his soldiers. For him, the main thing was only victory and no matter what cost it could get.

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