One angle of a triangle is 30 degrees, the other is 15 degrees greater. What is the third angle of the triangle?

In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to know some of the properties of geometric shapes. So, the student should know that the sum of all the angles of the triangle is 180 °.
Let us carefully read the text of the proposed problem and, on its basis, draw up a short condition:
The first angle is 30 °;
The second angle is?, 15 ° more than the first;
The third angle is? °;
The sum of all three angles is 180 °;
First, we find what the value of the second angle is:
30 + 15 = 45 ° – second angle;
Secondly, we find out how many degrees the third angle is:
180 – 30 – 45 = 180 – 75 = 105 °;
Answer: 105 °.

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