One number is 15 less than the second. Find these numbers knowing that their total is 83.

By the condition of the problem, it is known that one number is 15 less than the second, and the sum of these numbers is 83.

Let’s denote one number by x. Then the second number will be x + 15.

Let’s make the equation:

x + x + 15 = 83.

Let’s transfer the known values to one side, and leave the variables on the other side:

2 x = 83 – 15.

2 x = 68.

x = 68: 2.

x = 34.

The first number is 34. Let’s find the second:

34 + 15 = 49.

Let’s check: 34 + 49 = 83.

The numbers were found correctly.

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