One of the angles of the triangle is 54 degrees. find the rest of the angles of this triangle if their values are 2: 1

Let us introduce the notation:

Let one part be x, then the first angle of the triangle is 2 * x = 2x, and the second angle of the triangle will be 1 * x = x.

Let’s compose and solve the equation:

As you know, the sum of the angles of a triangle is 1800, so

2x + x + 540 = 180,

3x + 540 = 180,

3x = 1800 – 54,

3x = 126,

x = 126: 3,

x = 42.

This means that the first angle of the triangle is 42.

Find the degree measure of the second unknown angle of the triangle:

2 * 42 = 84.

Answer: The unknown angles of the triangle are 42 and 84.

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