Parallelogram area ABCD = 187 cm in sq. Side AD = 17 cm. Find the height BH.

The area of the parallelogram is equal to the product of the height and the base.

Formula: S = a * h,

If you draw a figure, it will be clear that BH is the height (h), and AD is the base (a).
Let’s transform the formula:

S = AD * BH

Hence, to find the height of the parallelogram BH = S / AD, you need to divide the area by the base,

By condition, it is known that:

The area is 187 square centimeters,

The base is (AD) 17 centimeters,


BH = 187/17 = 11 centimeters.

Answer: The height of the parallelogram BH is 11 centimeters.

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