Pascal. Create a program for a user-entered number (integer or not; positive, negative or zero; even or odd)

program zz1;
var n: string; // set a variable of string type
write (‘enter n’); // enter a number from the keyboard
read (n);
if (pos (‘,’, n) = 0) then writeln (‘integer number’) else writeln (‘not integer number’);
if n [1] = ‘-‘ then writeln (‘the number is negative’) else if n [1] = ‘0’ then writeln (‘the number is zero’)
else writeln (‘positive number’);
if (n [length (n)] = ‘0’) or (n [length (n)] = ‘2’) or (n [length (n)] = ‘4’)
or (n [length (n)] = ‘6’) or (n [length (n)] = ‘8’) then writeln (‘the number is even’) else writeln (‘the number is not even’);

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