Preconditions for the emergence of the Decembrist movement.

The Decembrist movement is one of the first attempts to change the existing system in Russia. The ideology of progressive-minded nobles pursued revolutionary goals:

1. Liberation of the peasantry from serfdom.
2. Overthrow of the monarchical government.
3. Changes in the social and political situation in the country.

For the birth of the Decembrist movement in 1825, there were objective prerequisites:

1. Patriotic upsurge of all strata of the population of Russia during the war of 1812.
2. The officers of the Foreign campaign got acquainted with the arrangement of European states where there was no serfdom.
3. The spreading philosophy of European educators and the activities of Russian critics A. Radishchev and N. Novikov.
4. The growing revolutionary situation in Europe.

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