Results and activities of the anti-Hitler coalition.

The anti-Hitler coalition began to take shape from the beginning of 1942, one of its names was “United Nations”, it was recorded in the declaration of 26 governments in the same year.

The countries of the anti-Hitler coalition fought against the Axis countries in Africa (Ethiopia before 1941 and from Egypt to Tunisia), in Asia (southeast Asia, China), Oceania, in Europe (Balkans, Italy, France – from June 1944 and from the Kola Peninsula to Black Sea – USSR).

Interestingly, the USSR did not fight with Japan until August 1945, although it fought with the United States and others since December 1941.

The result was the defeat in Europe of Italy, Germany, their satellites (Croatia, Finland), and in Asia – the Empire of Japan. Formally, it existed until December 1945 (Moscow Conference).

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