Solve the equation 5x ^ 2 + 20x = 0 If your equation has more than one root, write down the smaller of the roots in your answer.

We have to solve the incomplete quadratic equation 5x ^ 2 + 20x = 0 for this we transform the expression on the left side of the equation. Factor out the common factor. The common factor is 5x.

5x (x + 4) = 0;

Consider the resulting equality. On the right is zero, and on the left is the product of the number 5, the variable x and the parenthesis. (x + 4).

It is known that the product is equal to zero when at least one of the factors is zero.

To find all the roots of the equation, we pass to the solution of two linear equations.

1) x = 0;

2) x + 4 = 0;

x = – 4.

Answer: x = – 4.

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