Steps towards the unification of Italy and Germany.

Stages of the unification of Italy

1) The reaction is the suppression of national revolutions, and the strengthening of Austro-French domination in the Apennine Peninsula. Formation of the republican and moderate wings of the national movement. Strengthening the Kingdom of Sardinia-Pienmont. (1849-1859).

2) Austro-Italian-French war – the annexation of the territories of Milan and Central Italy to the Sardinian Kingdom. End of Habsburg influence in Italy (1859-1860).

3) Conquest of the Kingdom of Sicily and the announcement of the creation of the Italian State (1860-1861).

4) Austro-Prussian-Italian war – the annexation of the Austrian kingdom of Venice to Italy (1866)

5) Italian troops occupy Rome (1870).

Stages of German unification

1) Danish-Prussian War – the annexation of Schlesivig-Holstein to the Prussian Kingdom (1864).

2) Austro-Prussian-Italian war – dissolution of the pro-Austrian German Union (1866).

3) North German Confederation (1867-1870).

4) Franco-Prussian War – Annexation of Edzas-Lorraine. Formation of the German Empire (1870-1871).

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