The ball rolls down the inclined chute from rest. In the first second, he goes 5 cm. Which way he will go in 5 seconds.

1). Since the ball rolls down from a rectilinear inclined groove with zero initial speed, we can use the abbreviated path formula for uniformly accelerated motion: S = (a • t • t): 2, we substitute the known values ​​of time t = 1s and paths S = 5 cm into it = 0.05 m and find the acceleration a = 0.1 (m / (s • s)).
2). To determine which path the ball will cover in the first three seconds from the moment the movement starts, we will use the same abbreviated formula S = (a • t • t): 2, only we will substitute the time value t = 5 s and the found acceleration value a = 0 into it, 1 (m / (s • s)). We get S = (0.1 • 5 • 5): 2; S = 1.25 m. Answer: the ball will cover the path S = 1.25 m in the first three seconds from the moment it starts moving.

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