The bases of the trapezoid are 5: 6, and the midline is 22 cm. Find the bases of the trapezoid.

The middle line of the trapezium connects the midpoints of its lateral sides. It is parallel to its bases and is equal to half of their sum:

m = (a + b) / 2.

Since the length of the bases of the trapezoid is 5: 6, and its middle line is 22 cm, we express it as follows:

5x – the length of the smaller base of the BC;

6x – the length of the greater base of the blood pressure;

(5x + 6x) / 2 = 22;

5x + 6x = 22 2;

11x = 44;

x = 44/11 = 4;

BC = 4 5 = 20 cm;

HELL = 4 6 = 24 cm.

Answer: The middle line of this trapezoid is 24 cm.

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