The car covered 240 km in 4 hours. How long will it go in 7 hours if its speed increases by 6 km / h?

1. Let’s find first, with what speed the car was moving, having covered 240 km in 4 hours.
2. According to the formula of the path, the speed of movement is equal to the quotient of dividing the distance by the time spent on the way.
3. This means that initially the car was moving at a speed of 240/4 = 60 km / h.
4. After the vehicle speed increased by 6 km / h, its speed was 60 + 6 = 66 km / h.
5. Because the distance is equal to the product of speed and time of movement, then, moving at a speed of 66 km / h, in 7 hours the car will cover 66 * 7 = 462 km.
Answer: the car will cover 462 km.

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