The car takes 10 minutes. drove a distance of 11 km. Which way he will overcome in 45 minutes moving at the same speed.

Task data: t1 (initial time of movement) = 10 min (in SI t1 = 600 s); S1 (first track) = 11 km (SI S1 = 11,000 m); t2 (considered movement time) = 45 min (in SI t2 = 2700 s); the speed of the given vehicle is constant.

We express the path that the given car must cover from the equality: S1 / t1 = S2 / t2 and S2 = S1 * t2 / t1.

Let’s calculate: S2 = 11000 * 2700/600 = 49,500 m or 49.5 km.

Answer: A given vehicle will cover a distance of 49.5 km in 45 minutes.

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