The diagonal of the cube is √12. Find its volume.

A cube is a three-dimensional polygon, each side of which is a square. So, all the edges are equal.
The volume of the cube is the height of the rib ascended to the third degree.
V = h ^ 3,
where V is the capacity (volume) of the cube, h is the length of the edge.
The diagonal of a cube is the distance between two non-adjacent vertices of a cube.
For the formula we find the diagonal of the cube
d = h * √3, where d is the diagonal, h is the length of the edge of the cube.
Coming out of this h = d / √3 ..
So V = (d / √3) ^ 3 = (√12 / √3) ^ 3 = (√4) ^ 3 = 2 ^ 3 = 8
Answer: cube volume 8

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