The difference between two adjacent angles = 24 degrees. Find the smaller of these angles.

We are given two adjacent angles, and we also know that their difference is 24 °. In order to find the degree measure of the smaller of them, we will compose and solve a linear equation.
Let’s apply the property of adjacent corners to the solution. The sum of adjacent angles is 180 °.
Let’s denote one of the angles as x °, then the second angle can be written as (x – 24) °.
We get a linear equation:
x + (x – 24) = 180;
x + x – 24 = 180;
2x = 180 + 24;
2x = 204;
x = 204: 2;
x = 102 ° is the largest of the adjacent angles and 102 – 24 = 78 ° is the smaller angle.

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