The edge of the cube is 5 cm, find the surface area of the cube, the sum of the areas of all its faces.

A cube is such a figure whose faces are a square and the sides of such a square are called edges.
In the problem it is given that the edge of the cube is 5 centimeters.

We know that the sides of a square are equal, and the area of ​​a square is equal to the product of its sides. Therefore, if we know that all sides of a square are equal, then we know that the second side is 5 centimeters. We solve: 5 * 5 = 25. This is we found the area of ​​one side of a cube, but we also know that there are 6 such sides in a cube, so we need to multiply the area of ​​one side by the number of sides in a cube. We decide: 25 * 6 = 150.
Our answer: The surface area of ​​a cube is 150.

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