The length of a rectangular plot of land is 200 meters, width is 40 meters less than the length, find the area of the plot.

To begin with, let’s find what the width of this land plot, which has the shape of a rectangular quadrangle, is equal to.

In the initial data for this task, it is reported that the length of this land plot is two hundred meters, and the width of this plot is 4 tens of meters less than its length, therefore, the width of this land plot is 200 – 40 = 160 meters.

Let’s find what the area of ​​this land plot is equal to:

200 * 160 = 32000 m².

Since there are 10,000 m2 in one hectare, the area of ​​this land plot in hectares is:

32000/10000 = 3.2 hectares.

Since in one hectare there are a hundred ares, the area of ​​this land plot in macaws is:

3.2 * 100 = 320 amu.

Answer: the area of ​​this land plot is 32000 m2, or 3.2 hectares, or 320 a.

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