The numbers M and H are proportional to the numbers 3 and 7. Find these numbers if their difference is 32.

Let x denote one third of M.

Then the number M should be 3x.

In the initial data for this task, it is reported that the number M refers to the number H as three to seven, therefore, the number H should be 7x.

It is also known that if you subtract the number M from the number H, then the result will be 32, therefore, we can draw up the following equation:

7x – 3x = 32,

solving which, we get:

4x = 32;

x = 32/4 = 8.

We find the numbers M and H:

M = 3 * 8 = 24;

H = 7 * 8 = 56.

Answer: M = 24, H = 56.

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