The oscillation frequency of the fly’s wings is 255 Hz. How many vibrations does a fly’s wing make in one minute?


v = 255 Hertz is the oscillation frequency of the fly’s wings;

t = 1 minute – time span.

It is required to determine n – how many oscillations the fly’s wing makes during a time interval equal to t.

Let’s convert the units of measurement of time to the SI system:

t = 1 minute = 1 * 60 = 60 seconds.

Let us find the oscillation period of the fly’s wings:

T = 1 / v = 1/255 = 0.004 seconds (the result has been rounded to one thousandth).

Then the number of oscillations will be equal to:

n = t / T = 60 / 0.004 = 15000 oscillations.

Answer: In one minute, the wing of a fly makes 15,000 vibrations.

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