The perimeter of the rectangle is 150dm. Its length is 150cm more than its width. Calculate the lengths of the sides of the rectangle.

We translate the perimeter of this rectangle into centimeters, knowing that there are 10 centimeters in one decimeter:

150 * 10 = 1500.

Let us denote the width of the rectangle through the change x.

Therefore, according to the condition of the problem, we can express the length of the rectangle in terms of (x +150).

Knowing that the perimeter of the rectangle is equal to 1500 centimeters, we draw up an equation and determine the sides of this rectangle:

2 (x + x +150) = 1500;

4x = 1200;

x = 300;

300 + 150 = 450.

Answer: The width of the rectangle is 300 cm, the length is 450 cm.

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