The perimeter of the rectangle is 216 cm; the second side is 5 times larger than the first, find the area of the rectangle.

1) First, let’s find the lengths of the sides of the rectangle. To do this, write an equation where we represent its width as x, and its length as 5x.

(x + 5x) * 2 = 216;

6x * 2 = 216;

6x = 216/2;

6x = 108;

x = 108/6;

x = 18.

The rectangle is 18 centimeters wide.

2) Calculate the length of the rectangle.

18 * 5 = 90.

The rectangle is 90 centimeters long.

3) Let us find its area using the obtained data on the length of its sides.

90 * 18 = 1620.

Answer: The area of a rectangle is 1620 square centimeters.

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