The perimeter of the rectangle is 22 cm, and its area is 24 cm ^ 2. Find the lengths of the sides of the rectangle.

Let’s write the perimeter of the rectangle in letter form.

In this case, we get:

22 = 2 * (a + b).

In this case, the area of the rectangle will be:

24 = a * b.

If we divide the perimeter by 2, then the sum of the sides of the rectangle will be:

(a + b) = 22/2 = 11 cm.

We decompose the area of the rectangle into integers, the product of which gives 24 square centimeters.

We get:

24 = 6 * 4. (Doesn’t fit because the sides add up to 10 centimeters.)

24 = 8 * 3. (Suitable. Since we get 11 centimeters in total).

Answer: 8 and 3 cm.

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