The plane flew for 2 hours at a speed of 700 km / h. The helicopter will fly the same distance in 4 hours. How fast it should move.

1. Find out what distance the plane flew in 2 hours, if it is known that its speed is 700 km / h. To do this, multiply the speed of the plane by 2 hours:
700 km / h * 2 h = 1400 km.
2. Now we got that the path of the plane, like that of the helicopter, is 1400 km. It remains only to determine the speed at which the helicopter must fly in order to cover this distance in 4 hours. To do this, we divide 1400 km by this time:
1400 km / 4 h = 350 km / h.
Answer: in order for a helicopter to fly 1400 km in 4 hours, it must have a speed of 350 km / h.

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