The reasons for the failures of the Russian army on land and at sea 1904-1905?

The failures in the Russo-Japanese War are due to two reasons:

1. In Russia, it was traditionally believed that the main threat to security for the country comes from the West, that is, from Turkey or European countries. Therefore, the eastern borders were very weakly fortified. There were no powerful fortresses, no stock of ammunition and no ship repair industry. The eastern borders were defended by weak units with outdated weapons, the fleet was staffed with weak and outdated ships. After the victory over China, Japan received a large indemnity and additionally took large loans from England. With this money, the latest ships were purchased and numerous infantry units were formed and trained.

2. Logistics problems. Japan repaired ships at its docks. In Russia, ships went to St. Petersburg for repairs. Japan supplied its ground units with the help of transport ships, Russian troops and all supplies were transported 10 times slower by rail.

With a large number of troops with the latest weapons, Japan won the war.

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