The role of catalysts in modern production.

Modern production is impossible without the introduction of new chemical technologies. One of the directions in this area is the use of catalysts. With their help, the course of chemical processes is accelerated, the properties of low-grade ingredients and reagents are significantly improved.

In modern production, one can single out such main areas where catalytic processes are widely used.

1. Wine – vodka industry, alcohol production. Here catalysts are used to induce the fermentation process. This is, perhaps, the very first process of using a catalyst that a person mastered to produce a product.

2. Food industry. Here is a striking example of the production of margarine by catalytic hydrogenation of vegetable oils.

3. Chemical industry – production of organic materials. For example, in the production of plastics, catalysts are used that accelerate the hardening process of the plastic.

4. Processes of oil refining. Here, catalysts are indispensable for refining petroleum products to bring them to the required quality characteristics.

5. Participation of catalysts in environmental protection. This is the process of cleaning exhaust gases using catalysts.

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