The shoulders of the lever belong as 2: 3. The values of the forces attached to this lever are like ..

R1 / R2 = 2/3.

F1 / F2 -?

When using the lever, the moments of forces from the opposite sides are the same: M1 = m2.

The moment of force M is the product of the applied force F to the shoulder R, to which it acts: m = f * r.

M1 = F1 * R1, M2 = F2 * R2.

F1 * R1 = F2 * R2.

F1 / F2 = R2 / R1.

As we can see from the resulting formula, the ratio of the F1 / F2 forces is equal to the reverse relationship of the arm of the R2 / R1 lever.

F1 / F2 = 3/2.

Answer: The ratio of forces that act on the lever is F1 / F2 = 3/2.

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