The size of the image, with a size of 1024 * 768 pixels, is 2.25 megabytes. How many colors does the artwork use?

1) We convert the specified image size from megabytes to bits.

Since 1 MB = 1024 KB, and 1 KB = 8192 bits, we get:

2.25 * 1024 * 8192 = 18874368 bits.

2) Find the total number of pixels in the image.

To do this, we multiply the file sizes among ourselves.


1024 * 768 = 786432 pixels.

3) Determine the information volume of one pixel of the image (color depth).

To do this, divide the size of the image by the number of pixels.

18874368/786432 = 24 bits.

4) Find the number of colors.

N = 2 ^ 24 = 16777216.


The image uses 16,777,216 colors.

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