The spiral of the lamp passes 540cl of electricity in 5 minutes. What is the current strength?


q = 540 Coulomb – the amount of electricity that passes along the spiral of the lamp for a period of time t;

t = 5 minutes – time span.

It is required to determine I (Ampere) – the strength of the current passing through the electric lamp.

Let’s convert time units from minutes to seconds:

t = 5 minutes = 5 * 60 = 300 seconds.

Then, to determine the current strength, you must use the following formula:

q = I * t, from here we find:

I = q / t = 540/300 = 54/30 = 1.8 Amperes.

Answer: the strength of the current passing through the spiral of the lamp is 1.8 Amperes.

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